Vision, Mission & Values


To be known as an innovative premium business and social science institution in South Asia where multiple disciplines of humanities can be taught keeping in view of the social context, concerning society and the relationships among individuals within a society.

Mission Statement

We are committed to creating world class teaching and learning opportunities towards developing entrepreneurs and leaders of economic institutions and business enterprises who can create value for their stakeholders, immediate communities and society at large.


  • DIIS is committed to providing equitable and quality education to all, something which a fair and just democratic society upholds.
  • We recognise the capacity and capability of every student, and sees through the process that there are sufficient learning opportunities are created for each student.
  • Our teaching and learning cultures are built on values of trust, respect, equity, authenticity, integrity, personalization, collaboration, and social progress.
  • DIIS believes in diversity of students and teachers who bring forth the ideas that enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • We collaborate with consortium schools, colleges, universities, trusts and social networks that seek to promote diverse and inclusive learning communities.