Prince2 Certification

Although originally designed for the management of Information Technology projects, the latest version of PRINCE2® is suitable for all other types of projects across industry verticals – Construction, Power/Energy, Government, Defense, Telecom, Manufacturing, Research Development, Product Development, Oil and Gas, to name a few.

PRINCE2® has now become more than just a manual. When people say “we are using PRINCE2®” they don’t mean that they are using the manual. They imply that they direct, manage, or participate in a project which follows the process/processes, components, and techniques embodied in the manual.

Over 100 participants from companies like Steria, HP, Airvana, Tech Mahindra, CSC, SAP Labs, SunGard, RBS, Orange FTG Group, IBM, S1 Corporation, and TCS, just to name a few, have chosen KnowledgeWoods Consulting to prepare and successfully clear the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioners Level Certification Examinations.

We understand what PRINCE2® Certification means to you, and as such, provide you multiple training modes like Classroom and e-Learning to prepare for the PRINCE2® Certification and Prepare for a career in the Project Management role.

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    Key Features

    • 100% Passing Assurance – If you are not able to CLEAR the PRINCE2® Exam on your First Attempt, we will PAY your Exam Re-scheduling Fees directly to Exam Body
    • Assessing Participant’s Profile and Advising on How PRINCE2® Certification Can Add Value
    • Best-in-Class Program Deliverables
    • Review Exercises, Practice Tests for PRINCE2® Certification to keep participants “engaged”
    • More than 98% Success Rate for First Time Exam Takers
    • Strategy to Clear the PRINCE2® Certification Exam at the First Attempt
    • Training Completion Certificate by KnowledgeWoods
    • Comprehensive Participant Feedback Mechanism


    When you attend the KnowledgeWoods PRINCE2® Certification Program, you will learn how to:

    • Manage projects or work in a project environment using the most globally recognized project management method.
    • Deliver to budget, quality and time, while mitigating risks, managing interdependencies and identifying opportunities.
    • Use a Structured approach with controls to provide a delivery methodology that works repeatedly and will enable you to successfully deliver projects.
    • Design plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, therefore, improving communication and control.

    Program Outline

    Sr. No. Modules Topics Covered in Foundation Level Topics Covered in Practitioners Level
    Module I PRINCE2® Introduction
    • PRINCE2® – Understanding the Big Picture
    • Components of Project Planning
    • Project Management Processes
    • PRINCE2® and the Big Picture
    • Governance Themes and Processes for Project Management
    • Product Life Cycle
    Module II Organization
    • Defines and Distributes responsibilities among the Project Management Team
    • Defines and Distributes responsibilities among the Project Management Team
    Module III Starting up a Project
    • The essentials of a Business Case
    • Purpose of a Project Brief
    • Essentials of a Business Case
    • How to Prepare a Project Brief
    Module IV Initiating the Project
    • Scope of Project Initiation
    • Purpose of preparing a Project Initiation Document
    • Importance of Project Planning
    • Compiling Project Initiation Document
    Module V Quality Management
    • Understanding Customer Expectations
    • Purpose and Scope of a Quality Plan
    • Quality Review Techniques
    • Outlining Customer Expectations
    • Preparing a Quality management Strategy
    • Quality Review Techniques
    Module VI Planning
    • Product-based Planning
    • Understanding Product Based Plans
    • Product-based Planning
    • Transforming Products to Activities
    Module VII Progress Controls and Stages
    • Understanding Project Control
    • Defining the Authority Levels
    • Project Controls and Project Board Controls
    • Defining the Authority Levels
    Module VIII Risk Management
    • Sources and Types of Risk
    • Importance of Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis
    • Approaches for Risk Management
    • Allocation of Risk Ownership
    Module IX Directing a Project
    • Taking Authority and Responsibility
    • Managing through Problems
    • Taking Authority and Responsibility
    • Managing through Problems
    Module X Managing a Project
    • Managing Project Deliveries and Stage Boundaries
    • Managing Project Deliveries and Stage Boundaries
    Module XI Managing Change
    • Why Change Control?
    • Configuration Management
    • Why Change Control?
    • Configuration Management
    Module XII Closing a Project
    • Benefits of obtaining a formal project sign-off
    • Post-Project Review Plans
    • Benefits of obtaining a formal project sign-off
    • Why Post-Project Reviews?
    Module XIII Class Exercises
    • Reviewing PRINCE2® Project Documents
    • Live Case Study demonstrating the application of PRINCE2® techniques on real projects
    • Generating Example Templates
    Module XIV Exam Preparation
    • Sample Practice Questions for PRINCE2® Foundation Level Exam
    • Practice Questions / Sample Papers for PRINCE2® Practitioners Level Exam


    Over 100 participants from companies like Steria, HP, Airvana, Tech Mahindra, CSC, SAP Labs, SunGard, RBS, Orange FTG Group, IBM, S1 Corporation, and TCS just to name a few, have chosen KnowledgeWoods Consulting to prepare and successfully clear the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioners Level Certification Examinations.

    Here is YOUR chance to Pass the worldwide renowned AXELOS PRINCE2® Certification – Foundation and Practitioners Level Examination using our easy step-by-step approach without weeks and months of endless studying.

    Invest Three (4) Days in KnowledgeWoods PRINCE2® Certification Program:

    • Learn
    • Understand
    • Remember
    • Apply

    Important Project Management concepts from the PRINCE2®:2017 Manual so that you can prepare for the PRINCE2® Examination and also work towards becoming a better Project Manager along the path.

    Kind Attention PMP® and CAPM® Certified Project Staff – Directly Appear for the PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam without the need to clear the PRINCE2® Foundation Level! Moreover, Earn upto 35 PDUs in the process!

    We also help the participants to apply the PRINCE2® framework to their current project environment during the course so that they gain practical skills by using the techniques to handle real issues. PRINCE2® Class sizes are kept small to facilitate trainer-student interaction and class discussions.

    As such, we also present our participants with a UNIQUE OFFER where if you FAIL your PRINCE2® Certification Examination (Foundation/Practitioners Level) at the First Attempt, We’ll PAY your EXAM Re-scheduling Fees to Exam Body on your Behalf!

    Industry Verticals where PRINCE2® Certification is well recognized:

    Information Technology, Computers / Software / Data Processing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Business Management Services, Engineering, Education/Training, Defense, Aerospace, Utilities.

    Course Fee

    The PRINCE2® Certification is one of the most highly acclaimed Project Management credential all over the globe. The methodology has been established as a de-facto method for Project Management in the UK and is being widely practiced worldwide.

    The certification has received huge level acceptance and recognition on an international level, and has emerged as an asset for entire project staff.

    KnowledgeWoods conducts Four (4) Days PRINCE2® Certification Preparation Program where you’ll be able to prepare as well as answer the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner level examinations at the training venue itself.

    The PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner level exams are conducted on the Fourth Day of the training.

    The total cost charged for KnowledgeWoods PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Level Preparation Program is INR 38,540/-(Plus 18% GST) i.e. INR. 47,000/- all inclusive per participant which comprises the training fee as well as the examination fee.

    Why KnowledgeWoods PRINCE2® Certification Program?

    The PRINCE2® Certification training program conducted by KnowledgeWoods is an interactive training course where participants are provided with a deep insight into the PRINCE2® Project Management methodology and are taught how to apply the Project Management best practices in the organizational environment.

    This Three (3) days PRINCE2® Foundation/Practitioner Level Certification Preparation Program also provides a very good opportunity for PMP® Certification holders to earn 15/35 PDUs towards the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for retaining their hard earned PMP® credential.

    This means that the money you pay in the form of your PRINCE2® certification cost can be aptly regarded as an investment towards your career where you not only get to acquire the prestigious PRINCE2® credential but also get to keep up with your PMP® CCRs.

    Salient Features of KnowledgeWoods PRINCE2® Preparation Program:

    • Pre-training Reference Materials
    • World-class PRINCE2® Certification Reference Handbook
    • 15/35 Contact Hours/PDUs Certificate from KnowledgeWoods Consulting
    • PRINCE2® Assessment/Practice Tests with an Analysis Sheet
    • Review Exercises to aid your PRINCE2® certification exam preparation
    • Tips & Strategies for clearing the PRINCE2® Certification Examination at the very first attempt

    What Else? KnowledgeWoods presents a UNIQUE OFFER for its PRINCE2® Certification Preparation Program, where

    If you fail to clear your PRINCE2® Certification Examination at the First Attempt, We’ll Pay Your Exam Rescheduling Fees directly to Exam Body!

    Training Delivery Modes


    Live Learning

    For further program details, please feel free to speak to our program coordinator at

    Phone: 0124-4259661, 9071110220 or Mail: info@diis.interntional

    You may also fill the query form on this website, and we shall get back to you soon.