Certificate Course in Personality Development

Personality involves not only inborn traits but also the development of cognitive and behavioural patterns that influence how we think and act.

Each one of us are born with our own unique signature personality. Very often, many of us would like to improve on some aspects of our personality to achieve something we have always we have dreamt of.

Our life changing personality development course will bring a total positive transformation of yourself, not only from outside, but from inside too, that will change you forever – Happy, Comfortable with yourself and Confident to win.

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    Course Duration

    This 3 month course is highly interactive and helps the trainees develop the personality traits required to work in a professional environment.

    Our well qualified and experienced trainers leave no stone unturned to help you build your confidence to achieve your dreams, transforming yourself into a charming personality enabling you to scale new heights in life.

    Course Structure

    The course familiarizes the trainees with positive attitude, anger management, empathy, perception, motivation, and stress management. The course instils in them great confidence and makes them true leaders.

    The importance of complementary characteristics and participating in team-building activities are also discussed in detail.

    Sessions are held through practical and classroom training, including roleplays involving theatre and dance.

    Course Modules

    • Change Management
    • Communications Skills
    • Grooming
    • Clothing
    • Body Language
    • Public Speaking
    • Confidence Building
    • Social Etiquette
    • Manners
    • Values & Ethics
    • Art of answering spontaneously with flair & finesse
    • Corporate Dressing
    • Fine Dining Etiquette
    • Wellness -Physical, Emotional, Mental Strength
    • Leadership Skills
    • Time Management
    • Emotional Quotient
    • Stress Management
    • Empathy
    • Team Building
    • Interview Skills

    Admission Process

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    Facilities at Campus

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    Course Fee & Scholarships

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