German Language Course


3 Months

5 Days/Week, 2 Hours/Day


No Constraints

Students, Professionals, Homemakers & others


All Age Groups

About Germany

Germany is an economic leader in the European Union (EU) and one of the largest economies worldwide. Most of the MNCs are based in Germany, and the country is recognized as one of the top exporters and importers in the world.

German is a major language of communication in business, trade, and tourism in the European Union. So there is a huge demand for professionals in the German Language.

Besides, It is becoming very popular in India due to the migration and change of work policies which give access to all of the European Union.

There are around 200 million German speakers all over the world and it’s required to know basic German to get enrolled in a university in Germany or get a job in this European country.

Scope of German Language

The German language has a very wide scope, some being as follows:

  • Get job in Germany in your specific work arena
  • Work as an interpreter, translator, voice coordinator
  • Become a trainer or teacher of German language in any country
  • Work in German companies and consulates in any part of the world
  • Enter tourism and hospitality sector focussing on German clients

Moreover, fluency in the German language in India has opened up job possibilities in medicine and healthcare, education, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, entertainment, information technology, financial services, outsourcing etc

Quick Query

    DIIS German Language Course

    Doyens Institute of International Studies (DIIS) conducts German Language Learning Program starting from basic and going till advanced level.

    Our expert German language faculty shall train you in all aspects of learning German and teach you how you can do it easily with fun.

    Practical training coupled with regular tests give you confidence to understand, read, write and speak this language, thus enabling yourself to master German Language.

    DIIS welcomes you to take the first step towards learning German from scratch.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of our German Language Course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

    • Engage in very simple communication of predictable content in spoken and written German about topics covered in the course
    • Read and listen for gist in more complex and/or more rapidly spoken German
    • Facilitate and reflect on their learning, e.g. by applying language learning strategies and responding to feedback
    • Demonstrate an understanding of aspects of life and culture of the German speaking societies, including basic principles of culturally appropriate German language use
    • Demonstrate development in some generic skills, e.g. critical thinking, written and oral communication, teamwork

    Course Highlights

    • A step-by-step guide to learn German Language
    • Master German sound, writing, grammar and vocabulary
    • Learn German culture and social etiquettes
    • Flexible study and learning timings
    • Experienced & Expert Faculty
    • Study in a lively classroom with highly aspiring students


    • Aptitude and interest to learn a foreign language
    • Ready to take challenge of learning a new script
    • Lots of patience needed to master Japanese
    • Basic knowledge of English language required
    • Selection will be on basis of personal interview

    Course Fee & Scholarships

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    Phone: 98105 03646, 0124-4009715  or  Mail:

    You may also fill the query form on this website, and we shall get back to you soon.