Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I opt for the Nottingham Trent University Programme in Gurugram?

It offers the students an opportunity to obtain a Nottingham Trent University degree without having to live in UK or being separated from their families. Student does not need to go through the cumbersome process of visa application, as such UK visa is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain due to new restrictions. The biggest incentive it is less rigorous to find a place in your desired programme of study and you complete the entire course in almost one fifth of the total cost what you would have spent studying in the main campus in UK.

Q. English is not my first language. Do I have to sit for an exam to prove my ability in English?

The University receives applications from all over the world from people with varying abilities and qualifications in English. In certain cases, when School grades / application essays do not provide ample evidence, the Nottingham Trent University may require additional proof of proficiency in English.

Q. Can a student attend a Graduation Ceremony?

The Nottingham Trent University also holds a Graduation Ceremony in UK each year, which all successful students are invited to attend.

Q. When and where will my final examinations be conducted?

It is based on coursework and some Final examination papers which will be conducted by the British Council, in Delhi.

Q. Is the academic standing of international students the same as that of a student enrolled in the UK?

The curriculum taught to international students is designed exclusively by the NTU faculty. Examination and coursework papers for both UK and international students are set by the same academicians. Grading of both sets of answer scripts is also done with the same level of scrutiny and stringent evaluation standards. This implies that the academic standing of an international student is exactly the same as that of a student enrolled in the UK.

Q. What are the accommodation facilities that Nottingham Trent University Gurgaon Centre at DIIS offers?

DIIS, the Gurgaon Centre of Nottingham Trent University has arranged student accommodation in secured PG accommodations in vicinity of campus. All accommodation facilities have been thoroughly vetted and are of good quality and hygiene standard.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status?

All inquiries regarding admission will be taken care by the admissions department. All applications are assessed internally before being sent to Nottingham Trent University.

Q. Do you offer scholarships?

Limited scholarships are available on merit and need basis.

Q. Who sets the curriculum for the graduate programmes?

The NTU faculty formulates the syllabus, develops the study material, coursework template, sets examination papers, and marks scripts.

Q. What is the cost difference between studying in UK vis-a-vis studying at Nottingham Trent University Gurgaon Centre at DIIS?

The average annual cost of staying in UK (inclusive of Tuition Fee) is estimated to be approximately equivalent to 15 lakhs INR. In comparison, the fee requirement at DIIS is considerably low and affordable, that too inclusive of the fee payable to the Nottingham Trent University.

Q. Does Nottingham Trent University Gurgaon Centre at DIIS offer placement support to its graduates?

The placement Services Division (PSD) at Nottingham Trent University Gurgaon Centre at DIIS leverages a vast network of employers across the world to ensure that our students have access to the best professional opportunities.