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In this modern era of globalization, people are migrating to the developed countries of the world. Hence, learning a foreign language opens up doors to new career opportunities for you in India and abroad.

Almost all developed countries need efficient and competent people from all around the world to fill many positions in different sectors. Non-english speaking nations require people who know and can work in their respective language.

Not just abroad, there are so many job vacancies in Indian consulates and agencies that need fluent speakers of foreign languages.

Amongst developed nations, Japan, Germany and France are the prominent ones having lots of vacancies in various fields.

Doyens Institute of International Studies (DIIS) conducts courses for Foreign Languages, namely Japanese, German and French and embark on lucrative careers in different corners of the world.

Here you learn from experienced faculty who are not only masters of the language but also know how to teach a foreign language easily in a fun environment.

DIIS invites you to learn foreign languages and take advantage of numerous opportunities around the globe.

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    Master this language and work in Japanese companies across the globe


    Learn German, the future-proof language from a European perspective


    A beautiful, rich, melodious language, often called the language of love

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