Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training

Course Code: AS008

This program in Airport Ground Staff Training is specially designed to prepare students to acquire skills and knowledge for the aviation industry related to the ground handling operations.

The course provides a deep insight into airport operations and prepares the student for the handling all kinds of situations while handling ground operations of the airlines.

Apart of the eligibility criteria mentioned, aspirants must possess a passport or apply for it at the beginning of the course.

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    Course Duration: 6 Months

    This six month comprehensive program covers all the aspects of the Airport Ground Staff Training at the airport. The course focuses on personality development, details of the airline industry, safety protocols, Guest Handling, Service Concepts which form an integral part of the curriculum.

    With exceptional educational modules, practical training, distinguished faculty, and unique certification credentials, this program helps students gain a competitive edge in the industry.

    Diploma Awarded: BSS

    Diploma Awarded by Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS), National Development Agency, established in 1952 by Planning Commission, Govt of India.

    Course Structure

    This comprehensive module covers every aspect of the pre-requisite of being ground staff at an airport. While the training focuses on personality development and improving the confidence and grooming, it also importance of knowing the aircraft make and the safety features with life saving techniques in case of emergency.

    Career Prospects

    With this comprehensive training, the trainees can apply for the ground staff of various airlines. The trainees can also get excellent options in the luxury brands of leading 5-star hotels in India and Abroad.

    The career prospects are very bright as there can be a lateral movement between the airlines, hotel industry and cruise lines once you have gained a few years of experience.

    Course Modules

    AS008-01: Communicative English and Computer Fundamentals
    AS008-02: Airport Management
    AS008-03: Airport Ground Training
    AS008-04: Practical-I
    AS008-05: Practical-II
    AS008-06: Practical-III

    Course Fee & Scholarships

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