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1 Week


Gurgaon Centre
Doyens Institute of International Studies (DIIS), in association with Nottingham Trent University (UK) and dg Anti Fraud Consultants Ltd (UK), conducts this Specialised Short Terms Course on ‘Cyber Crime’ for almost everyone, whether consultants, business persons, professionals working in companies and Government departments, as each one of us works with computers in whatever fields we may be, and are hence exposed to various types of cyber crimes.

Course Descriptor

This course profiles the modern way to fight cyber crime and the ever present need to have talented and diligent employees equipped with smart and reliable information technology tools. It is seen today that there is a requirement to remain vigilant of an enemy that is global in reach, technologically mature, and communication savvy. In the wake of catastrophic events like September 11th and the ever evolving national security and criminal threats, there are lessons to be learned, changes to be made, courses to correct and new problems to solve. To keep pace with these events this course will develop skills to keep ahead of the criminal fraternity.

Programme Outline

  • Investigation of Internet Providers i.e. Internal Service Providers, Web Host Providers, E-Mail Providers, Chat Service Providers, Voice over IP Providers.
  • Acquiring IP Addresses to investigate i.e. E-Mail Headers, Chat Session Monitoring IRC, ICQ etc, Network capturing, Provider Log Files, Options for Evidence.
  • Investigation of IP Addresses i.e. Trace routes, Internet Number Registries, Number Registry WHOIS
  • BOTNET i.e.: Definition, Types, Vulnerability and Investigation, Common Locations for suspect Data.
  • Investigation of Web Sites, Investigation of E-Mail headers, Web site Scrapping, Printing in Archive Electronic Format, Evidence Collection, Evidence Handling, Evidence Preservation and Presentation


The course will be conducted by highly qualified and experienced faculty members from Nottingham University (NTU), UK, thus ensuring global exposure.

Course Fee

The Course Fee for this module is £ 350 GBP (Pound Sterling) or Rs.32,700/- + GST 18%, to be paid after online registration.


Candidates are imparted an NTU recognised and acknowledged certificate, after successful completion of this course.

Course Timings

The course will be conducted at DIIS Gurgaon Centre from 9.30 AM to 5 PM daily, with two Coffee Breaks from 11.00 to 11.15 AM and 3.15 to 3.30 PM, as well as Lunch Break from 1.00 to 1.45 PM.

Course Schedules

Course Name Duration Start Date Enrollment
Cyber Crime 1 Week 5th July, 2021 Enroll Now
19th July, 2021 Enroll Now

The course will commence in May 2020 and the dates will be announced in due course.

For further program details, please feel free to speak to our program coordinator at

Phone: 0124-4259661, 9071110220  or  Mail: info@diis.interntional

You may also fill the query form on this website, and we shall get back to you soon.

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