Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Hons

Swiss BBA (Hons) with British Higher National Diploma


Level of Study Bachelor Degree
Study Mode(s) On Campus
Location Gurgaon (Optional third year in Europe)
Starting August 2021
Course Duration 3 Academic Years
Entry Requirements A-Level / 12th Grade or Level-3 or Equivalent qualification

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    Our BBA (Hons) is approved by Swiss EduQua and progressed through British Higher National Diploma (Level-4 & 5) Pathway (Ofqual regulated qualifications). The learning experience combines the best academic practices of Switzerland, UK and Spain.

    BBA (Hons) is designed to equip you with strategic key skills and capabilities to become a future business leader. This programme will provide a thorough grounding in a range of business subjects including entrepreneurship, management, operations and leadership, the chance to work with real businesses and the opportunity to specialise in areas.

    Course Overview

    The BBA (Hons) Programme will deepen your understanding of how businesses and markets work, how value is created through innovation and marketing, how strategies are crafted and much more.

    The degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and their interconnection, thus expose students to a variety of “core subjects”. The degree also develops the student’s practical, managerial and communication skills, and business decision-making capability.

    Program Structure

    The whole programme will be completed in 3 Years. This includes the basic concept of marketing which will require learners to critically evaluate, challenge, synthesize a wide range of marketing tools, techniques and models. The learner will be enrolled to British OfQual regulated Higher National Diploma (Level-4 and 5) and will be top-up to Swiss BBA (Hons) accredited by EduQua. All courses are assessed by written assignments.

    There is a project in the final year with a 10,000 words which has detailed essay which includes an action plans and recommendations of how a specific problem will be resolved.

    Course Content

    Year 1

    • Managing Change
    • Communication in an Organization
    • Business Operations
    • Leadership and the Organizations
    • Developing Teams
    • Financial Awareness

    Year 2

    • Business Development
    • Business Models and Growing Organizations
    • Customer Management
    • Responding to the Changing Business Environment
    • Risk Management and Organizations
    • Effective Decision Making

    Year 3

    • Leadership and People Management
    • Business Research Project
    • Operations Management
    • Financial Decision Making
    • Sustainable Business Practices
    • Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Final Thesis Project

    Winning Features


    International Credits

    This Bachelor program awards 360 ETCS under the Bologna Process which allows you to take your studies further and follow it up with BBA etc.


    The BBA (Hons) qualification represent practical knowledge, skills, capabilities and competences that are assessed in academic terms as being equivalent to any international Bachelor degree

    Course Work

    Assignments: Learners are assessed through assignments per module. The learner has to write a word essay addressing all the Learning outcome of each module.

    Final Year Project: This is a detailed essay which includes an action plans and recommendations of how a specific problem will be resolved.


    Our curriculum grounds the participant in strong research analysis and critical review skills. This allows the participant to produce research that is a very high standard and help them to publish in leading business journals such as the Harvard Business Review.

    Career Opportunities

    Primary areas of employment include:

    • First level Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Project Manager
    • Corporate Investment Banker
    • Data Scientists
    • Stock Market Analyst
    • Marketing Executive

    Course Fee & Scholarships

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