About Us

An institute, headquartered in Gurugram, India’s millennium city in the neighbourhood of New Delhi known for hosting half of Fortune 500 companies, Doyens Institute of International Studied (DIIS) positions itself as a higher education centre for excellence in the region of National Capital Territory. DIIS has obtained the necessary legal and regulatory permissions to operate as an institute in the space of higher education and vocational training.

Presently DIIS is offering diploma and certificate courses for the Aviation Industry. The institute is also conducting English Proficiency Courses as well as Foreign Language Programs.

Approach to Pedagogy

The study programmes conducted at DIIS will be placed under a larger framework of social science, investigating areas such as social organization and organizational leadership.

The teaching on this course is ‘blended’, meaning there will be a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching. This is designed to support our students whose personal and professional commitments, or geographical distance, may mean that attending in person is not always possible.

Learning Support

Resources and Tools to help learners’ studies

Information Services provide – and support – a wide range to learning resources and tools to help a student study effectively and develop the skills a student need to succeed.

Academic Skills Know-how

Academic Skills are all about helping a student become a more effective learner and developing the research and study skills that will help a student now and in the future.

Developing good academic skills will help a student achieve the academic success that reflects a student’s full potential. Most of the skills a student will develop during a student’s studies are transferable to future careers, so can help a student even after a student have completed the current level of study.

We have identified a host of key areas where a student will need to develop and refine a student’s academic skills and to help a student in this the Academic Skills Know-how team provide support in a variety of ways to suit different needs.

A student can access a range of resources from our detailed online support guides, plus a student can make 1-2-1 appointments with DIIS staff for more individual support.

Academic Skills Documents and Guides

We have documents available on a wide range of topics to help a student develop the essential academic skills a student needs to succeed.

eResources – Online Library Resources

Many Library resources are now available electronically and can be access via the web. A student can get the information a student wants, when a student needs it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our electronic resource collections offer a wide range of different types of information held in searchable online databases, electronic journals and ebooks. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a student can also access eResources.

Types of eResource

The main types of eResources are:

  • eJournals
    Electronal issues of journals and articles
  • eBooks
    Electronic versions of printed books
  • Online Databases
    Electronic abstracts/indexes where a student can search for journal articles and material on a particular topic. Some provide access to complete journal articles (full text versions).

Research Tools

There is a wide variety of library resources and learning support tools available to help a student with the research for a student’s assignments.

Philanthropy / CSR Programme

DIIS plans to create a dedicated corpus as philanthropy fund and through this it will fund its various initiatives. The institute aims to participate in programmes identifying community needs and designing volunteer projects to meet those needs. Further, the institute would like all its stakeholders to understand the importance of philanthropy in core social studies disciplines: economics, corporate management, political governance, etc.

DIIS has created provision for scholarship and tuition weaver for students from economically weaker sections of society.